Trunk amber refers to pieces that were formed from resin that flowed over the surface of trunk bark and was softened by the sun's rays, that is why their shape and colour texture is very varied.

Both small and large pieces, weighing several kilograms each, have been encountered.

Amber drops formed when resin flowed over amber resin icicles.

These shapes can be very varied: oval, round, wrinkled, or flattened drops.

Amber icicles are a clear, layered amber that formed when resin periodically flowed from areas where the tree bark had been damaged.

This type of amber contains the highest number of inclusions.

Lumps of ground amber formed from resin that had flowed onto the amber forest floor at the base of the trunk.

These are irregular, nubbly pieces containing a great deal of rotted timber.

(Source: Lithuanian Art Museum, pgm.lt)